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How to Help Kids Get Started with Giving Back

Living an altruistic lifestyle can begin at a young age—especially with a little help. Children who start doing something when they are young are more likely to continue that passion throughout their lives. Having them give back as a part of their lives early on will become a habit that helps give back.

Whether you have children of your own or you’re simply interested in helping guide the next generation of givers, check out these ways to help get kids involved from an early age! 


Use Time Off to Volunteer

Believe it or not, spring break is coming up faster than you think! While you can still reserve time for relaxation, you can also use this as a reminder to do good in the world. Start a tradition of using a portion of spring break, or other breaks throughout the year, to perform acts of kindness or volunteer with a local organization. 


Discuss Causes Close to Their Hearts

Children are smarter than we often give them credit for. They have passions, worries, dreams and so much more. Take the time to have a conversation about which causes they may be interested in helping. Maybe your little is a huge animal lover, and you can take them to the local humane society to volunteer. 


Set a Good Example

Kids are like sponges, they see you doing something, and they want to do it too! Set an example for your children by volunteering and talking about your experiences. The more they see you giving back and doing good deeds, the more they will be interested in learning more. Set a good example by making sure to stay on top of your giving and volunteering goals each year and discussing it with your kids. Involve them in your giving decisions!


Partner with a School

Setting a good example doesn’t have to stop with just your children! Schools are often looking for ways to get kids involved with volunteering or fundraising for worthy causes. Ask if you can stop by a local school to help inspire the next generation of givers by talking about a cause that’s near and dear to your heart, or simply talk about volunteering and giving back in general! This is a great way to get in front of all age groups. 


Become a Mentor

Even if you don’t have children of your own, there are ways that you can help shape the next generation of do-gooders! Look into becoming a mentor in your local community. There are various organizations or schools that offer programs where you can apply to make a difference in a young person’s life. Often, you’ll get to do activities with your mentee, which can include giving back to your local community. 


Starting young is a great way to ensure you’re helping to shape givers for years to come, through volunteering and giving back to your community. Whether you’re inspiring your own kids or children in your community, it’s never too early to start inspiring the next generation!

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